Rat Control

Rats and mice make themselves comfortable in human surroundings, ļ¬nding food and shelter in our homes. They breed rapidly and contaminate food, damage clothes and other materials. They spread diseases such as plague, leptospirosis, murine typhus and rat bite fever.
It is proven that rats reproduce between thirty and eighty within a year. You can find their infestations in most of the places of your premises such as pipes, wooden boxes, wiring areas, and structurally damaged buildings etc. PC Pest Control offers rodent control services in Chennai at the best price.
Our Complete Rat Control program focuses on providing the best pest control services in Chennai by trapping and removing the existing rats and preventing new rats and mice from re-entering your home. We can sanitise, remove the soiled insulation and re-insulate your home.


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PC Pest Control Services Pre Work Treament, commercial Pest Control and Residential pest control services. We are Professional in Termite Control, Fly Control, General Disifestation, Mosquito Control, Rat Control, Spider Control, Wood Borer etc.

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